Special Series

Series Name: Does It Matter?

Presented by: Donnie V. Rader

1.     Does It Matter What We Believe? (Audio, Video, PowerPoint)

2.   Does It Matter About Authority? (Audio, Video, PowerPoint)

3.   Does It Matter Which Church? (Audio, Video, PowerPoint)

4.   Does It Matter Which Church of Christ? (Audio, Video, PowerPoint)

5.    Does It Matter About Fellowship? (Audio, Video, PowerPoint)


Series Name: Things You Need to Know About Marriage

Presented by: Donnie V. Rader

1.     Marriage Is Governed by Godís Word (Audio, Video, PowerPoint)

2.   What Is Marriage & Itís Purpose? (Audio, Video, PowerPoint)

3.   Who Can Marry? Marriage & the Bond (Audio, Video, PowerPoint)

4.   Godís Law on Divorce & Remarriage (Audio, Video, PowerPoint)

5.    Marriages Have Problems (Audio, Video, PowerPoint)


Series Name: Finding the 1st Century Church in the 21st Century

Presented by: Steve Curtis

1.     Do We Need to Find the 1st Century Church? (Audio, PowerPoint)

2.   Membership in the Church (Audio, PowerPoint)

3.   Godís Plan for Church Autonomy (Audio, PowerPoint)

4.   Must We Do What the New Testament Church Did? (Audio, PowerPoint)

5.    When Should a New Testament Example Be Binding? (Audio, PowerPoint)