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Are you tired of hearing preaching that uses very little Scripture?

Are you tired of preaching that doesn't say much?

We invite you to come and hear plain Bible preaching.

Come and hear Donnie as he preaches from God's book: the Bible. His preaching is filled with Scripture and easy to understand. Each lesson is structured with an outline for easy listening and application.


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Our preacher is Donnie V. Rader (b. 1960). He was born and raised in middle Tennessee. His first full-time preaching work was with the Main St. Church of Christ in Chapel Hill, TN (1978-1980). He then moved to Louisville, KY to work with the Manslick Rd. Church of Christ (1980-1989). His next work was with the Northside Church of Christ in Lexington, AL (1989-1993). In January 1994 Donnie moved to Shelbyville to work with the El Bethel Church of Christ.

Donnie has written some study books on issues that challenge present day thinking. These include: Divorce & Remarriage - What does the text say?, Teach Us To Pray, Women Professing Godliness (a study of the role of women), and Learning To Deny Self. Also, he has written two of the Bible Text Book Series (Isaiah and Colossians). These are available from One Stone.

Donnie preaches in several gospel meetings each year in addition to the preaching at El Bethel. He and his wife, Joan, have two children.

Donnie ownes the website that features Searching the Scriptures (published 1960-1992): www.searchingthescriptures.com


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