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A series of five Bible studies presented in your home

Based upon the idea that generally the world and even religious bodies have drifted away from the Bible, we have a series of Bible lessons that are designed to point men and women back to the book of God.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bible and how it applies to us today, these lessons are for you.

The Five Lessons

These studies begin with the resurrection of Christ and what it implies about the Bible and ends with a look at life in the church.

Lesson 1 - The Bible Is God's Word. This lesson gives evidence whereby we can be assured that there is a God and that the Bible is his word.

Back to the Bible (Home Bible Study Series) # 1 – The Bible is the Word of God – June 19, 2016  PowerPoint

Lesson 2 - Applying The Bible Today. This study answers these questions: Can we understand the Bible? If so, can we understand it alike? Does it make a difference what one believes? Which covenant are we to live by? What authority is behind the Bible?

Back to the Bible (Home Bible Study Series) # 2 – Applying the Bible today – June 26, 2016   PowerPoint

Lesson 3 - The Theme Of The Bible. Beginning with the problem of Sin in the Garden of Eden, this lesson shows the Bible story of the need for a savior. Each book of the Bible is connected a common theme that is like a golden thread running through the Bible.

Back to the Bible (Home Bible Study Series) # 3 – The Theme of the Bible – July 3, 2016  PowerPoint

Lesson 4- What The Bible Says About Salvation. Here we explore when one becomes a sinner and how sin creates a need for salvation. We will see a clear picture of salvation by grace through faith (Eph. 2:8).

Back to the Bible (Home Bible Study Series) # 4 – What the Bible Says about Salvation – July 10, 2016  PowerPoint

Lesson 5 - The Church In The Bible. This study starts with a Bible picture of what the church is. We will look at how to identify the church that we read about in the New Testament. If you've ever wondered where all the denominations came from, this lesson will help you see how they gradually formed. This last lesson concludes with a view of life in the church - walking in the fear of God.

Back to the Bible (Home Bible Study Series) # 5 – The Church in the Bible – July 17, 2016  PowerPoint

Aided By Color Charts

All five lessons are presented with the aid of simple outlines and color graphics in a presentation notebook so that each point can be easily grasped and remembered. At the conclusion of each lesson, you will be given a copy of all the material that has just been covered.

How The Lessons Are Presented

1. Informally. As the lessons are presented, you are encouraged to stop the lesson and make comments or ask for more information.

2. Any Bible question is welcomed. This is not a claim that we have all the answers. However, we want to help you in finding answers to any Bible question you have.

3. No high-pressure. If you will allow us to present lesson one, all we will ask is that you think about the material presented and whether you want to study the next lesson. This is done with each study. Should you decide to cease the studies at any point, there will be no pressure to continue.

Why not let us sit down and "reason together" from the word of God (Isa. 1:8)?

Contact: Donnie V. Rader


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